Our Process

Our firm offers comprehensive architectural services for residential construction and commercial interiors. We work with you during every stage of the project to facilitate a creative architectural response to your needs. The methodology which we follow to achieve this goal is divided into six phases: Predesign, schematic design, design development, construction documentation and permits, bidding and negotiation, and construction supervision and interiors.


This phase incorporates all work necessary for design to begin. With you we prepare a detailed program of your needs and objectives to establish the scope and scale of the proposed project. We prepare a site and building analysis, working with the relevant zoning by-laws and requirements, to maximize views, sunlight and the natural amenities of the site. We also help clients in assessing a variety of building sites before they decide on the optimum location for their project.

Schematic Design

This is the brain storming phase in which concept diagrams and rough sketches are used to help evaluate and define our client’s wish list. Working with the clients, this wish list is refined given the specific site conditions and local by-laws. Using these rough sketches a general layout of the project, its overall appearance and site configuration is established and the direction of the project is set to proceed to the next phase.

Design Development

During this phase the project’s size, character, layout and siting is refined. Feature elements such as pools/hot tubs, decks, entry, fireplaces, stairs, landscape features etc. are designed. Important technical considerations such as heating, electrical, communications and security are evaluated. Materials and finishes for both the project’s interior and exterior are also evaluated. During this phase consultations are held with civic authorities and with potential contractors to establish project viability and budget targets. By the end of this phase the design is typically 80-90 percent defined.

Construction Documentation

In this phase the design is translated into a technical format for contractors and civic authorities. Working drawing are prepared which define in detail the materials to be incorporated in the project, where they are located and how they are installed. Design work still continues in the working drawing phase, but it is typically in the refinement of details and finishes. Additional information such as photo boards, color and sample boards, neighborhood studies and landscape plans as required are prepared at this time. Coordination with related professionals also takes place during the construction documents phase and their plans are incorporated into the complete document set. Once the working drawings and back-up information has been assembled, application for permits is made to the civic authorities.

Bidding and Negotiation

We assist our clients is obtaining and interpreting competitive bids from a select list of general contractors. We prepare and distribute plans and specifications as required and answer inquires from contractors to interpret the working drawings.

Construction Supervision and Interiors

During this phase we review the progress of work on site and facilitate changes that may be required. We review submittals and shop drawings and refine the final selection of finishes, interior and exterior details, millwork and fixtures. Upon completion, we inspect the project with the client to establish that all elements are complete and finished in accordance with the construction documents